Weiss Schnee is one of the protagonists out of RWBY

She actually is good Huntress, a former scholar of your now-defunct Beacon Academy, and former heiress of Schnee Soil Business. The woman firearm preference is a multi-Step Dust Rapier (MADR) called Myrtenaster.

As former heiress of the greatly influential Schnee Soil Company, Weiss made the lady earliest looks throughout the «White» Truck. Immediately after becoming a member of Beacon resistant to the wishes of the woman father, Jacques Schnee, she gets a person in People RWBY near to Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna and you may Yang Xiao A lot of time. The woman is the younger sis off Cold weather Schnee together with older cousin out-of Whitley Schnee.

Adopting the a long race up against Cinder Slide, Weiss is blasted away from a platform and you can with the emptiness beneath the Main Location. Their current condition is unknown.


Weiss try a soft-skinned girl with pale-blue eyes and you can long white tresses which is commonly drawn to an off-cardiovascular system ponytail otherwise braid off to the right top and you can pinned that have a gold, icicle-formed tiara. She stands on 4′ nine» (step one.4 meters), but usually wears pumps one raise the girl height so you can 5′ step three» (step one.six yards). She weighs around 80 weight. Weiss possess a mark and therefore runs vertically off the woman leftover eyes and you may face, attained through the their battle facing a keen Arma Gigas throughout the «White» Trailer.

Brand spanking new Gown (Quantities step 1–3)

During the the lady attendance at the Beacon, she wears a leg-duration strapless skirt that have a weak colour gradation regarding light to pale blue at the hem. A small piece of black colored lace consist in the front from the girl neckline and also the hem of top is actually scalloped and embroidered so you’re able to end up like snowflakes, with layers regarding white tulle according to the top. More so it, she wears a great bell-sleeved bolero with similar color gradation as her dress regarding neck so you’re able to arm, covered inside the red-colored in accordance with a great ruffled neckband. On the rear of bolero is the Schnee Crest.

She including wears a tiny fruit chandelier for the a silver chain and narrow, rectangular gold earrings. The lady shoes is actually white, wedged heeled, and better at the back as compared to top. He’s got a little gold decor along the the top of ft and are covered in red-colored. A finer light sash try tied doing this lady waist having a great wallet linked to the straight back.

Inside her character brief having Regularity 5, she wears a similar dress, but her ponytail is depending. At that time, she hadn’t yet obtained this lady mark.


During the girl attendance in the Beacon, Weiss’s sleepwear put a beneficial faded blue nightgown having brief arm and you can white trim and display the fresh Schnee Crest toward top-proper bust. She and additionally wears her hair down.

Option Gown (Snowpea)

In the incidents from «A small Hiccup» and you may «Paint the city. «, Weiss wears another type of clothes codenamed «Snowpea». [6]

So it clothes include a light, double-breasted pea finish that have black colored piping, cuffs, and you may keys more than a white, pleated full top with black colored fabric slim. She including wears a couple of light, thigh-high footwear that have black colored pumps and you will fabric-topped black colored pantyhose.


Within the Beacon Dancing, Weiss wears an initial, white, sleeveless dress having cutouts toward both parties off their hips. The latest yoke of your top was clear mesh and you may she and additionally wears light heels.

Beacon Consistent

Through the her attendance in the Beacon, Weiss wears the product quality Beacon Academy consistent made up of good maroon blazer Columbia hookup ads posting having golden brown lining and you may dual keys over a tan button-upwards vest and you will light shirt that have pleated lookin neckline and you may a purple bow fastened to their black-lined neckband. She and wears the standard purple checkered having black colored streak having golden brown discussing alongside light tulle. She along with wears a set of brown lace-up wedged best shoes, close to black socks getting together with so you can middle-calf.